Qui Nhon is a coastal city and the capital of Bình Định Province in central Vietnam. Located between NhaTrang and Hoi An. Making it a great place to stop by In-between these two places.

I first came across this place, by doing a little research on the Internet. Looking for a place to break up the journey, between NhaTrang and Hoi An, with somewhere a little more low key. QuyNhon seemed like the perfect place, as it is not really on the tourist radar. Most travellers will not have this place on their Itineraries, while In Vietnam, or maybe not have heard of it at all.

Qui Nhơn beach

Qui Nhon beach

I first took a walk out to the beach, in the morning, after arriving in Qui Nhon the previous evening. My first Impressions, were how quiet and clean this beach was. The beaches here are Immaculate and there is little development around the beach. Aside from a few hotels and restaurants. For me this was my Idea of heaven. Quiet, relaxed and surrounded by beautiful scenery. The beach itself stretches quite far along the city, making it for a great place for a long walk, while taking in the scenery along the way. In the week day times, the beaches are pretty empty. So I found that I had the beach mostly to myself, aside from a few locals there.

Long, Thi Nhan Hil

Long, Thi Nhan Hill is located along the city’s ocean boulevard. Head south along the boulevard, until you get to the end of the beach. An Duong Vuong turns into Han Mac Tu and on the left hand side, you will see a road steeply leading up. I was able to easily walk here from my hostel, as it was only 1.4km. You are also able to drive your motorbike up here, if you are further out. But If you are walking up. I would recommend doing it ,at a cooler part of the day, as it does get quite humid in the afternoon.

As you wind your way around the top, you will see steps leading up the the hill. At the top, lies the tomb of Han Mac Tu, a celebrated poet, known for his love poetry. The surroundings of the tomb are really beautiful and it’s a nice place to sit and relax for a bit. I found a bench at the back in the shade, as it was quite a hot day when I ventured up there.

Beautiful view points

View point of Qui Nhơn

As I headed further along. I walked past a resort/restaurant and up there and I noticed some locals taking pictures. When I got closer I could see why. The view point up here was beautiful. Another place you could just relax and stare out into the sea views. I spent some extra time here, taking in the scenery and it was a good place to rest after the walking here.  Take a walk further up and you will see some other nice view points, along the path. You could spend some time walking around here and relaxing. There are lots of shady places as well, to get out of the sun. Also options to get lunch here at one of the restaurants along the way.

Thap Doi (Twin towers)

Thap Doi (Twin towers) in Qui Nhơn

Thap Doi are two cham towers (Also known as Hung Thanh Towers) are located just off Tran Hung Dao Street. Its advisable to either drive out here on a motorbike, or get a taxi there. As it is bit of a walk, around 5km from the beach front. The two towers are unique, in that there are only two towers. Cham towers usually come in odd numbers and they are also normally places on hillsides. These cham towers are placed on flat land, in the middle of the town.

The area are around the towers are a nice quiet place, away from the busy main street. The site is very well maintained and the gardens are kept in Immaculate condition. Take some time to walk around these ancient ruins. It’s a great place to come, If you are Interested in the ancient culture and history of this country.  They are one of a few remaining cham towers that are still Intact. There are also some Impressive ones in NhaTrang, called Po Nagar, If you are heading there.

It costs 8000 VND to walk around the site, which is a very small amount and contributes to the upkeep of the site. Opening hours are 8-11am & 1-6pm

Bin Dinh Museum

US tank outside Binh Dinh museaum in Qui Nhơn

The Binh Dinh museum, is a little museum located on Nguyen Hue St. You can follow the beach all the way down, until you see a big soldier monument. Then you cross the road from the beach, and it’s to the left of the monument.

The museum features 3 rooms. The first room hosts relics and pictures from the US army, during the Vietnam War and Images from the French Occupation It also has Information and pictures, on Binh Dinhs role in the communist revolution. The room at the back holds ancient Cham artifacts, which is really Interesting to see these on display. The room on the other side , hosts  a big Cham collection. At the very back, you can also see traditional clothes and a big collection of traditional masks.

Although only a small museum, if you are Interested in history and the culture of the country, this will be a great place to come. There are also are more Cham relics outside the the museum at the front, alongside  a US tank. Entrance is only 5000 VND. It is open 7.30am-11.30am and 2pm – pm.

The locals

Local Vietnamese children on Qui Nhơn beach

The local people of Quy Nhon are extremely friendly. Because there is very little tourism here, they are always very excited to see tourists wandering around. So excited In fact, that some of them will want  to have a picture taken with you. I thought this kind of thing, only happened In China. So I was surprised, when some locals approached me asking me for  a picture.

The boys in the picture saw me walking along the beach with my camera, while playing football. One of the boys excitedly ran up to me, pointing at my camera. He shouted at his friends in Vietnamese and they all posed by the wall for a picture. They were smiling and laughing away, when I showed them the picture on my camera. It’s really nice to Interact with the local people, even though you don’t speak the same language. A smile is all you need.

I love you Qui Nhơn

Qui Nhơn locals enjoying volleyball on the beach

I loved Walking along the beach in the evening here. You can see all the locals enjoying activities on the beach and alongside it. People come here to relax and unwind after their day, or they come for their daily exercise routine. You can also enjoy a great sunsets here, seeing the sun go down over the mountains is really nice.

I highly recommend you visit Quy Nhon, specially before it start’s getting to over developed like some places, along the coast. Enjoy the slower paced quiet city and what it has to offer. To reach Quy Nhon by train. Take a train to Dieu Tri and then take a taxi  to Quy Nhon. It ended up costing me around 100,000 VND. More information about getting here, can be found here