Thap Ba SpaThap in Nhatrang  was suggested to me, by the girls at my hostel, after asking them what activities I could do whilst in NhaTrang. This was perfect for me, because after spending a week, in the craziness of Ho chi Minh city, I was ready for some relaxation.  They even arranged a mini bus, to come pick me up from the hostel, for a small fee.  Most hostels/hotels will have this service for you. But if not, you can also get a taxi there.

Arriving at the spa, I was presented with a variety of spa packages to choose from. You can choose from a luxury VIP package, to a basic communal mud bath option. I chose the private hot mineral mud bath.

Filling up the mud baths The mud baths

This included

  • Soak in the hot mud tub timber chia ( 20 minutes ).
  • Soak in hot mineral water with natural herbs ( 30 minutes ).
  • Bath temperate Aquatic therapy.
  • Pool bath – warm and cool mineral waterfall.
  • Jacuzzi soaking.

Soaking in mud

Me soaking in the mud baths

After making use of the free locker facilities and changing rooms. I made my way down to the mud baths, it was time to get muddy.  The guys directed me to a free mud bath and they started filling it up with fresh mud water. (After each use of the tubs, they do get emptied out and hosed down.) This was not the first time I had experienced a mud style bath. But the last time was in a natural outdoor environment in Turkey.

As I slowly Immersed myself into the water, I could feel the relaxation kicking in. The water is warm and is actucally quite  a thin texture. Sitting there for the first 5 min, I could really feel myself falling asleep. This was exactly what I had needed. I massaged some of the mud onto my face to  to get the full benefits of the mud bath. The reason for this is, that the mud is very beneficial for your skin. It acts as  natural exfoliate. As well as relieving muscles pains and aches, it is also a great stress reliever.

Hot Mineral Pool

The hot mineral pool

When my time was up, I headed to the showers which were like jet sprays. Although they did a great job of removing every little last bit of mud. You can also choose to sun bathe a bit first, letting the mud dry. The reason for this is, letting the mud dry, before washing off, enhances the effects of the mud even more.

Once mud free, I Immersed myself into the lovely warm mineral pool. The temperature of the pool is perfect and so relaxing, I could have almost fallen asleep once again. It was also nice, just to sit and watch the water falling from the waterfall into the pool. Although it says there is a time limit on the pool, during quieter times, I’m not sure it matters as much.

Relaxing by the pool

The swimming pool at Thap Ba spa

After all the soaking in mud and minerals, I spent the remainder of time relaxing by one of the spas four pools. They have two adult pools, one cool and one heated. As well as two kids pools, which are also one cool and one heated. You can spend as long as you want relaxing by the pools here and there are free pool chairs available also.

Calligraphy at the spa

Calligraphy at the Thap ba spa Calligraphy at the Thap ba spa

On your way out of the spa, you can also enjoy spending some time, watching some traditional calligraphy being done. This is very interesting to watch and takes a lot of skill to do. I think some of the art work may be available for sale and maybe you can also pay to have your own personal calligraphy done.

Final thoughts and other Information about Thap Ba Spa

Overall the Tháp Bà Spa is a great way to relax, away from the busy streets of the city. You can buy Inexpensive packages here, so you don’t have to worry about splurging to much money, If you don’t want to. But of course you could also treat yourself to a VIP package. There are many different packages on offer. Here is a list of the spas packages/treatments

The spa is a great place for families also, so don’t worry If you want to bring your kids here. The mud baths are ok for children. Although I wouldn’t advise the pouring cups for them, only for adults. As well as the children’s pools there, which one includes a few small slides, to keep them entertained.

There are a few restaurants at the spa as well, so If you spend a long day here, you won’t go hungry. The prices are quite reasonable, considering it is a spa. The spa does also includes a small free bottle of water, with every package.

So if you find yourself In need of some relaxation, or you feel like doing something different, the Tháp Bà Spa is the place to come. I really enjoyed my day here and it makes a nice change from walking around tourist places for one day.

the spa Beautiful flowers at the Thap Ba Spa