The Reaching out tea house is a deaf tea house, where all the workers here ,are deaf or are hearing Impaired. Reaching out Vietnam, was established to provide opportunities for people with disabilities. They help teach them skills,  in order to gain gain future employment. As well as the tea house, reaching out also has an arts and crafts shop.  All the products here, are hand made by people with disabilities. Where all the profits made, are then put back into the business, to continue funding the training for these people.

The reaching out tea house in Hoi An, was something I had been told about, by a girl in my hostel. This is the same girl, who had suggested the basket boat tour Which I wrote about, in one of my previous blog. She was extremely helpful in suggesting places, that you would not normally find, on things like trip advisor. So I wanted to share these tips with you and share the experience I had here

The Teahouse

Snacks and gifts at reaching out teahouseThe beautiful antique style of reaching out teahouse

I made my way to ancient town to check out this place. Upon walking in, I could Immediately feel the atmosphere of the tea house. It was so calming and peaceful. One of the lady’s that worked there, came to greet me with a big smile. I pointed to a table where I could sit and she motioned for me to go ahead. The tea house, is a completely silent place,so there is no verbal communication here. The idea is to come here and enjoy the silence, whilst enjoying a tea or a coffee. It defiantly makes a nice change, from most of the noisy coffee shops.

How it works

The communication tools at reaching out

The lady came back over, once I had sat down and handed me a menu and an ordering slip. Since there is no verbal communication here, everything is  communicated in other ways. I browsed the menu of various different types of teas   ( they do serve coffee here and also a small selection of juices) and went through my usual Indecisive routine. Especially  given a lot of good options. I eventually settled on an Oolong style tea. So I grabbed the order slip and ticked which tea I wanted to order. There is also a choice of hot or cold, on some of the teas and coffees. The lady came back over and took my slip, and motioned towards, where all the snacks were. She was asking if  if I wanted anything to go with the tea. I Inspected the delicious looking selection and pointed towards, the ones I wanted. With that she smiled and went to away with my order

Another cool thing they have here, in terms of communication, is lots of little wooden blocks. These little wooden blocks, all have words written on, in order to help communicate something. For things like getting the bill, some water, or simply just to say thank you. There are also pencils and pieces of paper, for anything that requires further communication.

Tea and biscuits

the cute little tea set at reaching out Delicious homemade biscuits at reaching out teahouse

My order came and  I was presented  with a cute little tea set. I poured myself some tea and I was reminded just how good tea tastes in Asia. Being British, I usually consume a lot of tea, so this was the perfect place for me. The biscuits that came with the tea, were delicious. I enjoyed my tea in silence and took in the beautiful decorative style of the teahouse

Arts and crafts

The ladies, making their own blankets at reaching out teahouseBeautifully designed handcrafted postcards at reaching out teahouse

As well as having their own arts and crafts shop, the teahouse do sell a few things here themselves. They even make their own things in the shop. Behind the counter, the ladies are busy making these cute little blankets. As I observed them working away, they were  all smiling and signing away to each other. It’s nice to see people enjoying there work, as much as these ladies

I was having a look around the teahouse, when I came across the cute little postcards. The lady came over to me and was motioning towards the price tag and showing me the different sets of postcards. I loved the artwork and design of these postcards. It also meant that I could further help donate, to the wonderful cause of reaching out. The teahouse also sells its own tea and coffee. All the products here are locally sourced, Including  The furniture. Which is hand made, at the reaching out arts and craft shop. So it is really Impressive that everything in the shop is locally sourced.

Enjoy the Silence

Enjoy the silence banner at reaching out teahouse

 As I sat and enjoyed my tea at reaching out, enjoying the peaceful calm atmosphere. I reflected how I love finding places like this. Where you can truly relax away from the noisy streets, specially when you are in the busy cities. The reaching out teahouse is a truly tranquil place. The staff are friendly and always smiling. The tea and biscuits are delicious and the calming atmosphere is so soothing. The teahouse also feels amazingly homely and less like a coffee shop, with its charming antique style furniture and decor.

The reaching out tea house is located at 131 Trần Phú in the heart of ancient town. For more Information, visit their site at