When you think of Bangkok, you normally think of temples, shopping and night life. But Arts and culture is not really one, that I think, many people associate with Bangkok. I hadn’t heard of the Bangkok Arts and culture centre, before my friend suggested it. He used to live in Bangkok and like me, is really into the Arts and creative scene. When he mentioned that, the centre, has photography exhibits, that was the real seller for, being a photography enthusiast that I am. Also the fact that it is free, is definitely a big plus, since everyday I am spending money, to get into places here.

The Bangkok Arts and Cultural centre, is a pretty Impressive piece of Architecture, on the inside. It stretches over 9 floors, with 3,000 square metres of gallery space. The exhibits are always rotating, so if you find yourself, in Bangkok, more than once. There will be something new to see there.

The ground floor of Bangkok's art and cultural centre

Walking into the gallery, I was Immediately blown away, by modern architecture inside this place. I felt myself looking around in all directions and then up, at the spiraling layout above. I couldn’t get my head around, the inside of the place. When you look at the outside of the building, you don’t quite expect, to see what’s on the Inside. The first floor features a small art exhibition, containing art work and photography. I really liked this small collection of photos and artwork. The collection showcases Images, of Thailand and of everyday Thai life and traditions.

Cute art galleries and cafes

An artist, drawing people from life at Bangkok's art and cultural centre A vintage bike outside the cafes and galleries at Bangkok's art and cultural centre

Climbing up into the other floors of the centre, I came across many cute cafes and little art galleries. As well as a talented guy, drawing peoples faces, from life. I walked around the many galleries and walked into one, hosting an exhibit, on Immigrants in Thailand. I spent time talking with the photographer from the exhibit, which was really cool. He talked to me about, how he went on, about getting the pictures. His exhibit show cases workers, from countries such as Cambodia and Indonesia, trying to make a living at the boat yards. It show’s the how dangerous and tough life is for them. It is always a great experience, to get to chat with the artists themselves, you can get a real feel for the work, you are seeing this way.

Rotating photography exhibitions

The view of the spiraling galleries Bangkok's art and cultural centre Some of the photography on display at Bangkok's art and cultural centre

I could have literally spent forever walking around the circuler, photo exhibits, around the outside of the gallery. The photography on display, are just outstanding.  Showing everything from Thai life, to the beautiful Thai landscapes. Even if you are not really into photography. I think, you will definitely enjoy, looking at what, is on display here.

Exploring the main exhibits 

I made my way further up the centre, towards the main large exhibits.  If you go up to these ones, you won’t be able to take any bags up with you. But you will be able to take your camera still, I took my DLSR up there, with no problem. These galleries host the larger rotating exhibitions. There were a couple of interesting exhibits, being shown on the upper floors. Unfortunately whilst I was there, I think two of the main exhibits, were under construction. So I could only see just two.

One of the main exhibits at Bangkok's art and cultural centre One of the main exhibits at Bangkok's art and cultural centre

The first one (pictured above) was an interesting piece. There were objects around the room, with little notes written next to them. The notes, described, a pose, for interacting with the objects. I honestly don’t know to much about the reasons behind it, but certainly kept people entertained, while visiting it.

One of the main exhibits at Bangkok's art and cultural centre  One of the main exhibits at Bangkok's art and cultural centre

The second exhibition, was a photography project, based on this guys everyday life. He was photographed going through, what seems, like a series of emotions. All though simple, it is an incredibly powerful piece. I just wish, I had made a note of the artist of this piece, because, I would be interested in seeing more of his work.

The sound of music

Classical music, being played at Bangkok's art and cultural centre

As I headed back downstairs, to the entrance, I look down to see a display of classical music being played. There seemed to be an event going on, on the floor below the entrance. It seemed to be reserved for people with tickets, but I stood and enjoyed the musical display from above. An added bonus, to what was an incredibly interesting and fun experience at the Art and culture centre.

Go visit!

If you are looking for a more chilled way to spend a couple of hours, or more. Than this is the place to go. It doesn’t get overly to crowded and inside it such a nice relaxed atmosphere. You can even just come here, for a quiet place, to grab a coffee. They even have a space downstairs, for people to come and do work on their laptops etc. Without costing you a thing.

The centre is located just north of Siam Square and is directly attached by pedestrian bridge to National Stadium BTS Station. So it is very easily accessible by the train. Just note that, it does not open on Monday. Opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday 10h00 – 20h00. If you want a quick way to access, it on the map click here. For more information, on what exhibits are showing at the centre, visit the official website here – http://www.bacc.or.th/

Thanks for reading and I hope if you are in Bangkok, you will go check it out. Let me know if you have visited yourself and what you experience was. If you have any questions as well, leave me a comment and I will try my best to answer

As always Keep exploring!