Wat Saket, known to tourists as, The temple of the Golden mount (Phu Khao Thong), was a must see thing for me, while in Bangkok. After seeing all the beautiful pictures, of the views from the top. I had to come see this place for myself. Most people choose to climb up to the top, at either sunrise or sunset. Either way you, will get some Incredible views and photographs. It’s just if you choose sunrise, be prepared to be getting yourself out of bed, at 4am. I went for a sunset venture up to golden mount, how ever, I would definitely love to see a sunrise here, if I came  back again.

Before you head to the start of the climb, I highly recommend taking a walk around the Wat Saket complex itself. There are a few little temples, to check out. You will also see a few monks, around the temple, going about their daily lives. Which is always Interesting to see.

344 steps to heaven

344 steps sign, with three money figures above at the bottom of the Temple of the golden mount

Heading to the entrance of the climb, I handed over my 20 Bhat, which I was happy to pay for this beautiful climb. Also 20 Bhat is not even one dollar, so you you really can’t complain. The climb all the way to the top is 344 steps. But there are a few places to stop in between, the bottom and the top. I was stopping a lot anyway, because there are just so many photo opportunities. As well as many many views to soak up.

The climb itself is relatively easy anyway, and because of the surroundings, you honestly forget about the climb. So if you feel a little daunted by 344 steps, don’t be put off and I guarantee it will be worth it. As you will see by the pictures below.

Ring the bells

Halfway up the Temple of the golden mount  The bells on the side of the temple of the golden mount

As I got to around this halfway point, I was very much enjoying this climb, to the top of the golden mount. Even before I had seen any of the views. It’s such a peaceful place and, I felt like I could take as much time as I needed. Which makes a change from a lot of the other temples, where you feel rushed to move, on from one spot to the other. I really like the bells, that hung on the side of the temple. Apparently you are supposed to ring them for good luck, but it does ruin the peaceful atmosphere a little bit, when all the other people start ringing them. but  I guess, you can’t pass by a bell, without ringing it, you never know what it may bring you.

The views

The view of Bangkok, from halfway up, the temple of the golden mount.

The view of Bangkok, from halfway up, the temple of the golden mount.

 I wound my way further up the stairs around the side, and for the first time, I caught a glimpse, of the beautiful views of the city below. It’s funny how seeing a city from above, can make it look so different, from the chaotic streets below. The city seems so peaceful from here. I found myself, very trigger happy with my camera at this point, before I had even reached the top. But I can’t resist, when there is views like this. I stood here for a small while, taking in the views, after taking my shots, before heading up to the top point.

The reward for the climb

The view of Bangkok at sunset, from the top the temple of the golden mount.

Reaching the top of the Golden Mount, there was already a handful of tourists, hanging out waiting to see the sun set over Bangkok. I walked around taking a few shots, before taking one of the few remaining places at the side. I stood here amongst the other tourists, with their cameras, waiting for sunset. As it got closer and closer, more and more tourists appeared at the top and it soon got a little busy. I was glad that I came up here, with a bit of time to spare before sun set. A good tip is to get here in good time, if you want to get a nice shot of the sunset over the city. Or you will be holding your camera in the air over people, as some people were.

As the sun was setting, everyone was snapping away with their cameras, as well as posing for selfies. After I took my few shots, of the sunset. I stood there, enjoying the tranquil moment and the calm atmosphere, this place provides. The sun began to fall and the crowd, began to slowly vanish. But a few of us remained, to carry on enjoying the views. There was even a monk at the top with his Nikon DLSR, enjoying taking some pictures. I admit I was very curious to see, what shots he was getting, with his nice camera.

A night shot, of the top of the temple of the golden mount     A monk taking pictures with a nikon camera, at the top of the temple of the golden mount      The golden Chedi, that stands at the top, of the temple of the golden mount

Finishing off with a few last night shots, I made the climb back down the mountain, with the few tourists that remained, at the top. I admit Bangkok has not really grown on me, but I’m glad I came here, for this experience. It’s one of the places on my Asia trip, that I think will stand out.  So if you are in Bangkok, make the climb. You can see how beautiful it looks, but the pictures are never a match for true experience. I hope this Inspires you to make the journey up there.

Also please let me know if you have climbed here for sunrise and tell me how the experience was. Would love to see some of your shots of the sunrise, from this place.

Thanks for reading and keep exploring!